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American Hardcore Tribute Series Vol. II

By Alec Linton


For those of you that won't read this full write up; here's a quick summary of what I saw that night.

Child Bite was fucking crazy.

Golden Torso was fucking crazy.

Old Gods were fucking crazy.

Hellmouth was fucking crazy.



Last night was fucking crazy.

 All you non-reading types can scroll through the pictures now, for the rest of us. Let's go!


If you weren't at Small's on October 25, 2012, you missed out, period. The show was called American Hardcore Tribute Series Vol II.  How do you miss out something with a name like that.  If you're completely clueless as to what you missed out on, the AHTS consists of four local bands (Child Bite, Golden Torso, Old Gods, and Hellmouth), covering 80s hardcore tunes.  They also recorded a 7 inch of the covers to give away at the door.

Volume I took place at the Magic Stick, not even a year ago, and it was amazing.  I had a lower expectations for this show, because they covered Black Flag at the last one, and in my mind there is no beating Black Flag.  Well needless to say, all the bands blew my expectations out of the water.  Misfits and Dead Kennedys were covered this time around, and each band did a fucking superb job of doing their own thing with the songs they respectively chose.  Playing in a punk band myself, I have always thought little of punk covers, because punk is so beautifully simple and raw.  And that simplicity and rawness makes it, sometimes, difficult to put your own spin on the song.  Let me put it this way, none of the four bands seem to be caught up in that problem, every cover sounded distinct and true, yet also original.

The audience was a blast.   It was rad to see so many X's on the hands of underage kids.  That means that the next generation not only respects and appreciates the music of the current generation, but also that of the past.  I'm sure your average highschool kid has no idea who the Dead Kennedys are, and only know the Misfit's infamous iconography from Hot Topic apparel.  It gets me excited to know that these kids are not only actively seeking out great punk/metal music of the current local scene, but they're also conscious of the roots it has sprouted from.

Overall, last night was a blast.  Shawn Knight's artwork never fails to impress, from the flyer to the record insert.  Everyone owes all these guys a huge thanks.  It's a lot of work keeping one band on the same page.  Imagine four.  It was executed flawlessly, you could tell it was well planned and cared about by all involved.  Every mother fucker on that stage, you could see the heart in the way they played, sang, howled, and moved.   It's shows like the American Hardcore Tribute Series that remind me why Detroit punk rock is so god damn perfect.

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